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The secrets of an ancient culture
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Egyptian Art Center exhibit feature ancient Egyptian museum-quality replica produced with great precision by top  Egyptian artisans and sculptors, the artifacts focus on the world-famous tomb of King Tutankhamun.
Ramses II, Nifertary, Tuthmosis III, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra VII and artifacts from the Coptic and Islamic museum of art.
Why choosing Egyptian Art Center
  • Experience in the field of papyrus paper making since 1970
  • Experience in the field of antiquities and replicas manufacture since 1979
  • Experience in organizing and displaying exhibits since 1993
  • The best artisans and sculptors in Egypt
  • Family business easy to deal with
  • Outstanding record of success
Organizers Feedback

The King Tut exhibit was extraordinary! Show attendees saw a magnificent  exhibit. We appreciate the professional way you handled the media that  you received while at the show. The set up and removal of the exhibit  went extremely well and we appreciate how easy you were to work with.  Thank you for your help in making this year’s show a great success.

Gary Zied, Senior Staff Vice President, Home Builders Association of ST. Louis & Eastern Missouri.

Tarek Ragab was both eager to please and easy to work with and we  would not hesitate to recommend this exhibit to other fairs and  exhibitions.
Susan Kuzma, Event Coordinator, Saskatoon Prairieland Park Corp

As it is not easy to access the Treasures of Egypt for the normal  person without a major trek to various countries and museums, this  Exhibit offers a Brilliant Alternative. Without hesitation, I am pleased  to add my personal endorsement of the Treasures of Egypt Exhibit.
R.J. (Bob) Matwiv, General Manager, Cloverdale Rodeo & Exhibition

A Special Thanks to the “Egyptian Art Center” for their participation  in the 2001 Colorado State Fair. The fascinating King Tut’s Treasures  exhibit provided an educational experience for our fairgoers. Tarek  Ragab and his staff were friendly and excellent ambassadors.
Lisa M. Jones, Marketing & Commercial Exhibit Director, Colorado State Fair


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