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Ragab Family History

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For the Ragab family the replica treasures of Tutankhamun was an extenuation of a family business built on antiquity.  Dr. Hassan Ragab and his brother my grandfather Mohammad Ragab brought papyrus paper making back to life after its disappearance for more than one thousand year.
In 1970 Tarek Ragab started working with them on their papyrus paper factory and museum, this job led him to study Egypt's history and spend a lot of time in the Egyptian museum. The Ragab family was the only papyrus paper producer (patent invention) and hold the knowhow for more than ten years until some of our workers and artist started to compete with us, as a result Dr. Ragab thought of the next project and that was the Pharaonic Village, a theme parks were actors and actresses demonstrating the art, craft and daily life of ancient Egyptians.
Tarek Ragab was the CEO and Vice President to the Pharaonic Village


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